Visiting Bahrain would be incomplete without venturing into the desert. Here, you’ll discover a place beyond comparison. Countless breathtaking and exciting stops will intrigue, amaze and thrill!



Deserts are usually perceived as barren and uneventful places, where the passing of time is only visible through the ever-shifting sands. This is not the case, however, with the desert of Bahrain. Combining the luring temptation of the Arabian Nights with meaningful historic sites and adrenaline-infused activities, Sakhir is one of the most thrilling deserts you will ever roam. To unveil all its grandeur, an expert guide will mark the route and excavate stories that will incite and amaze.

We will start at 2 PM with an exclusive “behind the scenes” sneak peek at the Bahrain International Circuit, where the thrill and excitement will take over. We guarantee your heart will start racing!

Next, we’ll stop to admire the emblems of the desert at the Royal Camel Farm.

Once done, we’ll set our calendars some tens of years ago and visit the 1st Oil Well in Bahrain. Since we’ll already be on memory lane, we’ll let history carry us even further and recollect our thoughts at the mesmerizing Tree of Life, right in the middle of the desert.

Then, we’ll be ready to taste history at the Riffa Fort and get in touch with ancient civilizations at the A’Ali Burial Mounds. As the tour will slowly reach its end, we won’t miss the chance to discover some well-kept crafts and old pottery techniques at A’Ali Pottery.

We get back to the hotel, packed with unforgettable experiences.