When tradition and modern trends meet, the results can be mesmerizing. Venture deep into the cultural and historical heart of Bahrain and catch a glimpse of its future.



Bahrain stands testimony to the fact that the future and the past can come together as one. The Ultimate Bahrain Tour combines the Desert Oasis experience with the City Sightseeing tour to let you experience the quintessential Bahraini feel.

We’ll begin our tour at 9 AM at the e magnificent ‘Masjid al-Fatih’ or the Al Fateh Grand Mosque to gain a deeper insight into the Arabic culture and admire the beautiful Kulic calligraphy and fiberglass dome that ornaments the biggest mosque in the world.

Next, we’ll continue our quest by making our way towards the Bahrain National Museum and immerse ourselves in the rich history and culture of Bahrain, which accounts for more than 6000 years.

Next, we’ll head to the Muharraq Souq and have a taste of the delectable Bahraini ‘Halwa’ and make an unforgettable stop at the Old Houses of Muhharaq and Bahrain Fort to revive the Bahraini tradition.

Since you most certainly will be hungry, we’ll stop for a delicious lunch after we set our eyes on the Bab Al Bahrain to appreciate the historic architecture.

Full of energy we’ll head off to the Bahrain International Circuit, where the thrill and excitement will take over, even if you are not a motorhead. With a sneak peek behind the scenes and the tires squeaking on the track, we guarantee your heart will start racing.

All pumped up, we’ll head to Sakhir where we’ll say hello to the desert’s best friend – the camel –at the Camel Farm which houses the royal camels and falcons. After greeting the friendly camels, we’ll move on to discover recent history at the 1st Oil Well.

You’ll have a chance to take in all the wonders you saw and recollect at the Tree of life. Our tour will end with a stop at the A’Ali Burial Mounds and a well-deserved glimpse at traditional pottery crafts at A’Ali Pottery.

Around 06:00 PM you’ll return to your hotel, with memories to last you for a lifetime. Or until you come back to Bahrain.